Using Craig Reynolds Boids algorithm to create a more sustainable AI solution in the Halite 2 Challenge

I am very interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning. That’s why I joined the Halite Challenge. It was about developing a smart swarming intelligence. Many approaches have been found in the challenge. Also particularly interesting ones like Youtuber Sentdex’s solution (Machine Learning). My approach was classic, with heuristics and the so-called Boids algorithm. Read here if you want to know more about the Challenge and my final result.

Hunting down hardware-near memory leaks in the Manni App on Apple’s WatchOS 5 Beta

Fortunately, as an official developer for iOS, I also have access to beta versions of the upcoming system softwares. I found out that that Apple’s system interface causes a memory leak on the new Beta iOS. Read more about my debugging strategies and troubleshooting.

Taking the steps to my first playable 3D game with Unity

I always wanted to program my own 3D game. Read here how I realized my first own game and what problems I encountered.

Social and environmental problems framed.

With my 3D series of pictures, I have committed myself to pointing out more important problems. Problems of today’s consumer society such as plastic in the oceans, but also the increasing use of antibiotics, I try playfully to pick up and thus set a small sign. Everyone is at fault with these problems, me too. That is why it is all the more important to stimulate social resonance and not to forget these topics. Read more about the techniques and background of my pictures.

More blog entries are on the way.

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