Ubiquitous Applications

Do you need someone with the know-how to realize your app idea? Let’s go. I am familiar with everything you need. User-oriented UI/UX-Design and motivation engineering, technical realization of the software, team coordination - I combine multiple disciplines to engineer the product you need. Contact me to get started.

Machine Learning

Do you want to classify user behavior, suggest products or predict trends? These are just some examples of what’s possible with expertise in the field of artificial intelligence. Do you need ai directly on your smartphone? I am your man.

Featured Project

The 3Dify app uses multi-camera-array disparity computation on photos to generate depth maps and use them for a 3d parallax effect. The app is context-aware such that on devices without multi-camera-arrays, it creates the depth maps by monocular depth interpretation using a neural pipeline and the new CoreML/Vision frameworks. In this way, even users without a device capable of disparity calculation can use the parallax effect.

Adaptivity through CoreML and Vision

On-Device Machine Learning brings new possibilities. For example, the 3Dify app uses an Artificial Intelligence to interpret depth information into photos. This is a very good example for how current AI research can be used in mobile applications to solve a specific use case.

Cloud Computing

Engineering ubiquitous systems, like mobile or IOT applications, requires solutions to make development, distribution and data flow more efficient, scalable and robust.

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In a continuously evolving technological environment, not only portability and durability is increasingly important, but also (social) connectedness. The goal of Cloud Computing is to maximize the product value while minimizing development and support expenses.


I never limit myself to a specific technology and always analyze, which technology is the best for a use case and leverage its advantages. This way I am very flexible to new challenges. Plus, its fun to learn new technologies and languages!

Do you have something in mind? I am always interested in new business opportunities or job inquiries. Contact me: contact@philippmatth.es


9. Oktober 2021 » German » Wissenschaftliche Arbeit

Untersuchung der Abhängigkeit zwischen Ressourcenbedarf und Ergebnisqualität für ein auf ein Smartphone portiertes Machine-Learning-Verfahren zur Verkehrsmittelerkennung


8. Juli 2021 » German » Vortrag

OUTPUT.DD: Microservices, DevOps und Containerisierung im Cloud Computing


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8. Juli 2021 » German » Vortrag

OUTPUT.DD: Smartphone-Fotos 3D-ifizieren


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8. Juli 2021 » German » Vortrag

OUTPUT.DD: Kryptografie in Messengern


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February 5 2021 » English » Seminar

Distributed Hash Tables

Distributed Systems

1. Februar 2021 » German » Dokumentation

Neuaufbau der OUTPUT.DD App im WiSe 2020/21

Komplexpraktikum OUTPUT.DD

30. November 2020 » German » Dokumentation

Erstellung eines Repository-Frameworks für Couchbase zur Migration der OUTPUT.DD iOS App im OUTPUT.DD-Komplexpraktikum

Komplexpraktikum OUTPUT.DD

17. September 2020 » German » Wissenschaftliche Arbeit

Erstellung und Evaluation eines Gamication-Konzeptes zur Verbesserung der Codequalität eingereichter Lösungen in INLOOP

Großer Beleg

7. Juni 2018 » German » Seminar

Veritas - ein Machine Learning-Framework für die Performance-Coverage-Analyse von Proxy-Applications