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28th of October 2020

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Philipp Matthes
Hey, how is it going? My name is Philipp. Let me tell you something about myself. ✌
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Hey, how is it going? My name is Philipp. Let me tell you something about myself. ✌
I study Computer Science at TU Dresden (on Diploma, currently in the 7th semester).
I work at TU Dresden as a developer and tutor since April 2018. Additionally, I am self-employed as a software developer and designer.
I like 🏸 badminton, 🏂 snowboarding, 🚴🏼‍ cycling and 🏋🏻‍ any other kind of sports.
Hey, I am Philipp. How can I help you?
What's the weather for Dresden? How is this voice created?
Here is the current forecast of Dresden, Germany. clouds. The temperature is currently at 10 degrees. The wind is 8 kilometers per hour. This data is fetched from openweathermap hourly. There might be some inaccuracies.
This seems to be my voice, but it is not. It is a voice, which is generated by a convolutional neural network. This network is a so called "text to speech" algorithm. That said, it takes only text as an input and outputs a human-like voice. Still, it sounds a bit robot-like, but it is definitely an improvement over other approaches. My voice, the voice of Philipp, actually came from a female voice, on which this network was trained first. Using over seven hundred thousand steps, the network learned to pronounciate english words correctly. Because, however, only female samples from audio books were used, the resulting voice was also female. Interestingly, it took only a few thousand steps to apply so called "transfer learning" to transfer the voice into mine.

Let's realize your imagination.

You benefit from my expertise in various areas of software engineering, marketing, teaching and design.


I offer a variety of services that help us realize your project.

Software Engineering

Modern software engineering is no longer just programming. Using object-oriented software analysis techniques, we develop a goal-oriented concept in advance. Your project and your requirements are in the foreground. Through prototype-oriented development we quickly achieve the first visible results. Depending on your requirements, I like to cover your application with tests to ensure expandability, stability and performance. Through experience in very different areas of software development, we find the right technology for your application. Whether web application, website, native iOS / Android app, computer game, etc. - we find a solution.

3D Visualization

With the aid of 3D visualization, we can implement your product or your scene digitally, without the limitations of photography. With state-of-the-art technology, I render your image in the format you want, with the lighting you want and the scenery you want to make it perfect. The possibilities are endless.


As a tutor for software technology and for the software technology internship at the Dresden University of Technology, I teach fundamentals of software development and software architecture. Together with WTF courses ?! I worked as a tutor at the Python crash course for the RoboLab at the TU Dresden. Are you interested in workshops on the services I offer? Do not hesitate to contact me.


Let us realize your website. Depending on your requirements, we develop a website cost-effectively depending on the required individuality based on Django or Wordpress. A combination of other services is easily possible, for example, we can put on your website a photo-realistic 3D visualization or a 3D animation to illustrate your process. Have I piqued your interest? Just contact me personally.

...and much more!

Commercial Projects

Here is a selection of commercial projects that I realized together with my clients.

MDR Koalitionspoker

Together with the MDR we have created within a few weeks a web application through which users can relive coalition negotiations. The project has used many new technologies, e.g. WebSockets to ensure the interactivity of the web application. The user has the opportunity to play alone with a computer opponent, as well as with a real teammate. My responsibility was programming, designing and deploying the application, which has now been used by thousands of users.

Hörner Bau und Handels-GmbH

Together with the medium-sized company "Hörner Bau und Handels-GmbH" I designed a new responsive website with a modern look. The photorealistic 3D visualization on the homepage links the various areas of expertise of the company. With the help of the search engine optimized website, the company can now thrill with its online presence!


Together with the acoustic band Jarése, we created a soulful side to perfectly convey the music style of the band. The band members can now easily enter new concert dates on their website and even sell music through the integrated online shop.


For Optitak, I not only produced a modern and stylish website, but also designed a unique corporate design that fits seamlessly into the image of the precision measurement technology startup. In order to give the user an interactive experience, we also integrated explanations to the individual services of the company.

Benno Netzwerk

With the social network for the St. Benno-Gymnasium in Dresden "Benno-Netzwerk" alumni of the school can stay in touch even after graduation. For the client, a native iOS and Android app was programmed and added to the distribution. In the app, users can write messages, discuss topics together, comment and much more.

With, a didactic learning platform is made available, through which users can put questionnaires online. A proprietary Markdown-based system was developed for the creation. Questions can be retrieved in interactive quizzes.

Covers for the MATCH OF SURVIVAL books

I support the young author Victoria Scheer with the creation of unique covers. The fantasy-oriented books are matched by the special style we developed for this. The covers were created with 3D visualization or hand drawn and then stylized with neural networks. We used specific components of the Inception network to create a mystical mood and to already impress the reader before opening the book.


Coffee, Code and Web Services is a German-English blog for specialist articles on the topic of web and software development, mainly written by myself. The idea behind the website is to provide helpful information on topics I am interested in - from concrete programming tutorials to the explanation of abstract concepts of computer science.

Recent Blog Entries

I host my blog on ☕💻.ws and write specialist articles on the topic of web and software development.


So far, that's all.