I developed my first iOS app in 2016. Since then, I've added numerous others - including Android apps. Today, I have over 25,000 downloads and a large portfolio of technologies.


Machine Learning is an important solution concept for complex problems. For example, I have already used ML to recognize the transportation mode by porting to smartphones, or to reconstruct my own voice by transfer learning. ML is also a central part of my research.

Tech Stack

Data Analysis: Jupyter, Matplotlib, Pandas, Numpy. Training of Models: TensorFlow (Keras), SciKit-Learn. Porting: TensorFlow Lite, CoreML. Hardware: Google Colab.

Demo: 3Dify App

The 3Dify app is a nice example of a solution where I used technologies from many different fields to realize a complex idea. It uses computer vision to reconstruct the depth of an image. However, this only works if the smartphone has 2 or more cameras. On other smartphones, an AI model is used to interpret depth information into the image. The generated depth data can then be used to turn the photo into a 3D photo. By applying bilateral filtering and parallax mapping, the user can re-experience the photo in 3D. These are techniques that are also used in recent computer graphics engines such as Unreal Engine 5.


I primarily work with backend architectures of containerized microservices to maximize extensibility, scalability, and robustness.

grep "Advanced Experience" tech.stack Containerization: Docker. Deployment: Docker Compose. Monitoring: Prometheus, Grafana, Sentry. CI/CD: GitHub Actions, Watchtower.

By the way: I regularly try out new technologies to expand my portfolio. Last year, for example, Last year, for example, I took a critical look at blockchain by implementing one myself.


With a broad and constantly expanding technology portfolio, I remain flexible and ready for new challenges.

Do you have a project idea? I am always interested in new opportunities. Please contact me: